Launching February 14th

Happy To Announce:


On February 14th Live Your Life Inspired will launch two new projects:

  1. Health & Wellness Coaching:

    For a limited time, three Free health and wellness coaching sessions with a Mayo Clinic trained Wellness Coach. The three sessions include one consultation and two follow up sessions. The coach can assist you in clarifying your Health & Wellness Goals, Establishing Priorities, and Identifying Strategies for Success. For more information or to participate, email

  2. Basic Vegan:

    This will not be a traditional food blog: 1) It won’t be filled with pretty, well orchestrated pictures, to be honest I don’t have the time to create “food porn.” The pictures will be simple, honest, and if I have a minute I may throw a filter on it. 2) I’m going to be honest, always, even when whatever I just cooked tastes disgusting (that will happen) and when I miss my goals (which will also happen). 3) This will be a journey of self-love. If I, an omnivore who uses overeating as an ineffective method of coping with overwhelming stress and pain, can transition to herbivore…so can you. There is nothing that I will do that can’t be done be someone else. There is no magic nor manipulation. This is just my honest attempt to live a healthier, fuller vegan life.


For additional information on these projects, submit the contact form below:

Cause I’ve Been ‘Fraid of Changin’ by Ren Martinez

Someone told me that becoming is more human than being. Later, I understood that to be a philosophical point, debated in academic circles, but at the time I heard it as only words. I brushed them off like dust and continued down my road, only to have my feet falter and stop. Because it’s not often we’re confronted with truth and it’s more than foolish to let it pass by without a glance.

Becoming means transformation. It means evolution. To Become is to change, mutate, expand. What you once were is no longer as the process of what you will be is underway. We seem to know ourselves better, the tiny atoms that make up our bodies, the strings of carbon that knit together into bones and breath, when we don’t know ourselves at all. Only that we are midway in a journey that we can no longer stop. We know the calluses on our fingers and the doubts like pearls heavy around our necks. We know we can’t see the future of what is happening but we reach for it anyway.

Transition is our most basic state. Humans are not meant for stagnation; we become bored, restless with energy, nearly frenetic. We are at our best when we barely know ourselves at all, but are learning as each piece settles into place. And then, with a heavy sigh, everything is slotted together until we ARE. We are defined; we are known. Like the state of rest after an enzymatic change, the catalyst used up and leveling out into a measurable result.

But, we are not meant to remain here. Once we have the pieces in place, our atoms ache to scatter again, to form something new. We meet new obstacles/enemies/allies, and we shift into transition yet again, change resonating like a old song never forgotten. And I, despite the terror of the unknown, despite doubt and stress and worry, sing those words as boldly as ever.

Because, in the end, I only know who I am when I’m becoming myself.