V. Bozeman, Timbaland – Smile



Bright Colors by K. Kenneth Edusei

The sun is shining,
I’m enjoying the warmth,
The weight in my soul,
Is really light.
It’s an unusual day.
The dark clouds have scattered,
The gloom dispersed,
Children and laughter,
Radiant, pastel colored, earth.
Smiling faces,
Ice cream cones,
Hues of happiness,
Fun, the tone.
I’m trying to stay grumpy,
But these colors are infectious,
I am sick to the heart,
With joyous intentions,
I blame these bright colors,
For a smile it continues to pry,
Little hope bubbles,
Dancing in the sky.
Just this one time,
I’ll keep it secret from others,
I’ll have lots & lots of fun,
With all these bright colors.


Thanks to Photo Pin and Allen Hsu for the accompanying photo.

Thankful Thursday: Happiness Leads to Success?

Dr. Christine Carter offers an interesting lesson on the relationship between happiness and success. In the video she states that happiness can lead to success but that success does not always lead to happiness.

“So when we focus on the skills that they need to lead happy and meaningful lives they’ll tend to have lives that are full of lots of different types of positive emotions and those positive emotions are gonna really contribute to their success. When we are happy we tend to be more creative, we’re better problem solvers, we’re more resilient, these are the things that lead us to success in life. So when we focus on happiness for our kids, what is more likely to happen is that they will fulfill their potential and that is success.”