Update – Great News!!!

Minus The Box is changing its name!!!

Moving forward Minus The Box will be known as Live Your Life Inspired. This name change is reflective of our new direction and hope for the future.

Live Your Life Inspired is a place where you can discover inspirational and motivational content from around the world. This will continue to be a safe and supportive community for people who wish to learn, grow, evolve, and live a wholehearted lifestyle.

Our core will remain the same but at Live Your Life Inspired we look forward to renewed growth.

Welcome to Live Your Life Inspired!!


Introducing Our Newest Writer – Rhymis

A hearty welcome to our newest volunteer, Rhymis! Joining us with a love for travel, adventure, and storytelling, Rhymis will be sharing her unique perspective on life. We look forward to her contributions on Minus The Box.

Rhymis is a teacher and writer and spends most of her time looking for fairy dust. She loves to read, listen to, write, and share stories that inspire, encourage, and ignite the human spirit. When she’s not reading or writing, she spends the rest of her time plotting world domination with her cat, Felix.

Introducing Our Newest Writer – Kristen Reynolds

As a chocolate lover, traveler, and nurse, Kristen has a unique perspective on life. She joins our wholehearted community as means of exploring her creativity. We look forward to her contributions here on Minus The Box.

Kristen is enthusiastic to be part of this community, providing an avenue to breakout into a creative world that is often difficult to find in her profession. As a registered nurse of 3 years and an avid traveler, at times with just herself and her backpack, she has noticed so much about humanity and life. Everything, everyone, has a story. She is trying to create her own- a young nurse out on the town, enjoying good music and delicious food, but instead of a stethoscope and an alcohol swab you’ll find her with a pen, dictionary and some chocolate stashed away to satisfy that tenacious sweet tooth.

Introducing Our Newest Writer – Carol A.!!!

Joining us from the West Coast, Carol is a lover of all things film. She enjoys experiencing the vitality of life through road trips, music, and great food. We look forward to Carol’s contributions on Minus The Box.

Carol Alexander grew up in Culver City, CA—the Heart of Screenland, and recently earned her BA in Film at UC Berkeley. Growing up, she used writing to develop her voice and overcome shyness, later becoming a tour guide to broaden her public speaking abilities and expression.

While looking for ways to create art and change, she has traveled the world through music, founded a chapter of a professional co-ed cinema fraternity on her campus, found love with helping others, and made lifelong friendships along the way. She has become a published poet who has written several screenplays and short stories. Whether experiencing stress, melancholy, or happiness, she maintains a love for music, food, Stan Lee comics, film, long road trips, and will try almost anything once.

Carol currently lives in Los Angeles volunteering for WriteGirl LA, and working with all things film.

Introducing Our Newest Writer – Brett Myers!!

From Georgia to New York, Brett has seen the best of what the East Coast has to offer. He joins us with an extensive background in communications and experience with such popular websites as BuzzFeed. We greatly look forward to his contributions on Minus The Box.

“Born and raised in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, Brett has been writing since he was very young. While in high school, he studied the art of prose with Lorri Hewett, author of Dancer and Lives Of Our Own. Now a senior at Pace University, he has chosen to pursue a major in Communications and shifted his focus to playwriting and online content creation. Along with studying journalism and blog writing, he has authored multiple articles that have gone viral and been promoted on the front page of BuzzFeed.com with over 240,000 views. He has had multiple one-act plays showcased in the university’s performing arts activities. He enjoys experiencing and writing about art, pop culture, and social justice discourse. He’s also an avid social media connoisseur, religiously following YouTube moguls such as Jenna Marbles and Grace Helbig.”

Introducing Our Newest Writer – Thomas Henry

Give a warm welcome to Thomas Henry. Joining us from Brooklyn, NY Thomas will be sharing his view points on a number of topics. We look forward to his contributions.

Thomas Henry has been reading and writing for as long as he can remember.  He received his BA in English from Pace University in New York City.  He is a writer who is primarily a poet.  His work has been published in various magazines and anthologies and he has performed his poetry all over New York City.  He loves books, food, movies, music, and stimulating conversations.  He lives on a quiet street in Sunset Park, Brooklyn with his girlfriend and two cats.

The Inspire To Aspire Blog Awards

Introducing a new award for outstanding bloggers. The goal of this award is to celebrate bloggers that inspire us to be our best through their posts and stories. #MTBInspire2Aspire

Note: Nominees must NOT promote hate, bigotry, violence, or prejudice of any kind. 


The rules are simple:

1. Acknowledge and thank the person that nominated you; also include a link to their blog

2. Display the award in a new post; include the award rules and answers in the same post

3. Answer the following questions about yourself:

  • What and who inspires you?
  • If you could go anywhere in the world or universe where would it be and why?
  • What is your favorite thing about this season?
  • If your life were a book or a film, what would the title be?
  • How do you define and practice wholehearted living?

4. Nominate five other bloggers (include a link to their blog) and answer the following questions about them:

  • What about the person and their blog inspires you?
  • What has been their most inspiring post to date?

5. Let the five bloggers know that you have nominated them

6. Include #MTBInspire2Aspire in your tags

7. Let me know if you have been nominated and who you have nominated – all nominees will be listed on Minus The Box


Award: 1) Medium 2) Large

2014 Awardee MTB Award Pic2014 Awardee MTB Award Pic