Untitled 8 by K. Kenneth Edusei

It’s been a while,
I know,
How have you been?
Things were a little crazy,
Thunderstorms and rainy,
I’m just getting back in.

What doesn’t kill you makes your stronger,
I picked up an adage or two.
The routine and mundane,
Yea, and my inspiration is new.

My goal is now possible,
Persistence shows its worth.
From here, I will get there,
I can’t accept anything else.
I’m hoping it works out.
It all comes down to this.
Do you believe in luck or fate,
In similar moments?


Untitled 7 by K. Kenneth Edusei

Someone said I was writer,
I replied “no I count numbers.”
He said you’re a liar,
I can’t lie about what I haven’t discovered.

Someone said I have good rhetoric,
I replied “No, I am all substance.”
She said you’re a symphony of words,
I only speak my heart in abundance.

Someone said I am a good listener.
I replied “No, I like to dissect information.”
He said you must listen to do that,
The listening was a part of his imagination.

Someone said I love you
I replied “You’re not speaking truth.”
You’re missing an important point she said,
A point not for designed for logical sleuths.

It took me a while to realize,
But it finally got through.
For all my brilliance,
I don’t have a clue!

Traces of Identity 2 By K. Kenneth Edusei

I trace my identity,
Back to the death of my friend,
Back to the reality of life,
And back to realizing,
People end.

I trace my identity,
Back to reading all the news,
Back to precision in my moves,
And back to the enjoyment,
I struck a rhythm in school.

I trace my identity,
Back to my environment,
Back to academic enlightenment,
And back to ink on a page,
Words so inspiring.

I trace my identity,
Back to unheard rhyme schemes,
Back to a Higher Being,
And back to that kid who,
Created a new dream.

I trace my identity,
Back to my notebook and pen,
Back to my expressive desire,
Back to boys becoming men,
And back to my love,
That of a writer.

Bright Colors by K. Kenneth Edusei

The sun is shining,
I’m enjoying the warmth,
The weight in my soul,
Is really light.
It’s an unusual day.
The dark clouds have scattered,
The gloom dispersed,
Children and laughter,
Radiant, pastel colored, earth.
Smiling faces,
Ice cream cones,
Hues of happiness,
Fun, the tone.
I’m trying to stay grumpy,
But these colors are infectious,
I am sick to the heart,
With joyous intentions,
I blame these bright colors,
For a smile it continues to pry,
Little hope bubbles,
Dancing in the sky.
Just this one time,
I’ll keep it secret from others,
I’ll have lots & lots of fun,
With all these bright colors.


Thanks to Photo Pin and Allen Hsu for the accompanying photo.

Untitled 6 by K. Kenneth Edusei

How can I make you understand me?
How do I transpose my soul?
I want you to have more than my knowledge,
I want you to have my experience,
I want you to know me as a whole.
I want you to feel what I think,
Become a part my thoughts,
How do I grant you access,
To that linguistically inaccessible,
Yet still expressible,
How do I transfer this gray matter,
Electronic signals encased in bone,
The things I’ve seen, my entire being,
This life that I own.
I want you to understand,
Why I drew a line in the sand,
Why I am arrogant about my position,
And why I am determined to be an ethical man.
Why I refuse to conform,
Why I push for new norms,
Why the oppression of the weakest,
Causes me great harm.
Why I’ve had enough,
Why my countenance is so rough,
And yet, through it all,
Why my hope still lies in love.
There will always exists,
A space between you and I,
My hope is you’ll feel me,
My hope is you’ll understand why,
I think I suffer from solipsism,
I don’t want to believe it true,
Reach through my darkness,
I need the light,
Of another life,
To shine through.

International Women’s Day! by K. Edusei

In honor of the International Women’s Day here are some important facts and funny quirks about women. Let’s all aspire to inspire change.

10 (eclectic) Facts About Women

  1. Women account for more than 50 percent of the global population, but hold less than 20 percent of all parliamentary seats (U.S. Embassy).
  2. In 2011 of the top 20 wealthiest women in the world only one did not inherit her fortune (Forbes).
  3. Women work two-thirds of the world’s working hours (Care.org).
  4. 66% of all human trafficking victims are women (UNODC).
  5. Women expend 200 million work hours daily collecting water (Water.org).
  6. On average women laugh more than men (NYT).
  7. It seems women like to speak more than men in excess of about 13,000 words a day. It is certainly possible they’re just more detailed oriented.
  8. Women, on average, live four years longer than men.
  9. In 2010, American women gave birth to over 3.9 million children.
  10. There are approximately 3.5 billion women on Earth. Thanks to you, you, and all of you!

Traces of Identity By K. Kenneth Edusei

I trace my identity,
Back to Babs and Buster Bunny,
Back to Batman-Superman Adventures,
And back to having no money.

I trace my identity,
Back to Turtles in Time,
Back to Super Street Fighter 2,
And back to being afraid to climb.

I trace my identity,
Back to two-hand-touch,
Back to 5-on-5 full-court,
And back to not being enough.

I trace my identity,
Back to fearing the truth,
Back to beatings by a brute,
And back to realizing,
I am strong too.

I trace my identity,
Back to cutting class,
Back to bad report cards,
And back to honors in math.

I trace my identity,
Back to being told I would fail,
Back to my high school diploma,
And back to the start of my journey up hill.

7 Haiku by K. Kenneth Edusei

Inspired by GiovannahP’s haiku, I thought I’d give it a try:

Now I understand deeply
We bind two places


I will make this wish.
Sand, sun, water, and much fun.
Snowstorm. The cold truth.

I want to believe.
If I search, I will be hurt.
No more pain, sorry.

Man of character,
The good are not well received.
Shhhh! Or injustice.

Her soul draws me in.
Smart, caring, I love her smile.
Silence is golden.

Pact with solitude,
A prison made from hurting.
Will love come free me?

Untitled 5 by K. Kenneth Edusei

How can I make time go back?

I want to correct the past,

Why does it take a wrong turn,

To know the right path?

I need to fix some things,

I finally know how it’s done,

Someone give me access,

I want to go to a time far gone.

Open the door to yesterday,

Please give me the key,

I can put things in order now,

I can turn melancholy to peace,

I have the tools to make adjustments,

I want to change how it all ends,

I need a chance to reframe the discourse,

The story of how I lost my best friend.

I am sorry,

I failed at an apology in prose,

So I send this message in a bottle,

The apology in poem.

Distance by K. Kenneth Edusei

When I walk long distances,
I tend to look at the ground,
The space is confined,
There’s not much “distance”,
When I look around.
This keeps my path short,
I’m always almost there,
A hop, skip, and a jump,
My destination is near.
I call it the long distance lie,
I am afraid to look up,
The road is covered in snow, dirt, and muck.
Reality, at times, is a burdensome weight,
And that destination in the distance,
Is really far away.
But I can’t deal with it now,
I’m okay with my lie,
A hop, skip, and a jump,
I’ll be there in no time.