Dalai Lama: Humans Created Terrorism, So Stop Praying To God For A Solution ~ Michael McLaughlin


<span class='image-component__caption' itemprop="caption">Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama says humankind bears some responsibility for the emergence of terrorism.</span>ASHWINI BHATIA/ASSOCIATED PRESS
Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama says humankind bears some responsibility for the emergence of terrorism.

Prayer alone will not be enough to stem terrorist attacks like the shootings and bombings last week that devastated Paris and shocked the world, the Dalai Lama said.

The Buddhist spiritual leader from Tibet said in an interview with German media outlet Deutsche Welle on Monday that terrorism is a problem caused by humans and, thus, must be fixed by mankind without God’s intervention. 

“People want to lead peaceful lives. The terrorists are short-sighted, and this is one of the causes of rampant suicide bombings. We cannot solve this problem only through prayers,” the Dalai Lama said as part of a response to a question about how he viewed the attacks.

“I am a Buddhist and I believe in praying. But humans have created this problem, and now we are asking God to solve it,” the Nobel Peace Prize winner said. “It is illogical. God would say, solve it yourself because you created it in the first place.”

Other religious leaders, like Pope Francis, have encouraged followers to join him in prayer after Friday’s series of shootings and bombings that killed at least 129 people and injured more than 300. 

It would also be unwise to expect politicians to devise solutions too, the Dalai Lama said.

“So let us work for peace within our families and society, and not expect help from God, Buddha or the governments,” he said. 

Though the conflict between Western secular countries and radicalized Islamist terrorists is often depicted as a clash of civilizations with irreconcilable differences, the Dalai Lama said the struggle is not nearly as stark.

“The problems that we are facing today are the result of superficial differences over religious faiths and nationalities. We are one people.”

The Dalai Lama’s comments echo remarks he made in New York on his first visit to the city after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. 

During that trip, The New York Times reported that he said “compassion, dialogue — peaceful means” are the “real antidote” to terrorism

“‘Terrorism comes out of hatred, and also short-sightedness,” he said. 



Leap of Faith by Dani.Love

A lot of things, specifically those things we fear or are uncomfortable with, seem easier said than done. And most of those things, when done, weren’t nearly as bad as we presumed them to be.

Taking a leap of faith with love or your career or anything for that matter can be quite daunting. But imagine your life if you never just took a chance. That, to me, is most frightening.

Most of us, when we want something, we often wait for some perfect moment or obsessively plan till so much time has passed or other things have come up that the thing we wanted sort of just vanishes from our list of priorities.

Take a moment to think about the last 5 years of your life. How many goals or things you said you were going to do that you didn’t finish or simply didn’t do at all?

I will disclose 5 things I haven’t done in the past 5 years.

  1. TRAVEL >> Why? Because I’ve been waiting on a certain amount of money to be in my account.
  2. TAKE COURSES (baking, writing, film) >> Why? Because I didn’t make the time and felt I should save my money for something else until I have more saved.
  3. MAKE NEW FRIENDS >> Why? Because I just haven’t put any effort into it. I’m truly a homebody and enjoy quiet moments alone.
  4. NETWORK >> Why? Because I tell myself I’m quite shy and it begins to feel so exhausting to put effort into such a socially charged activity.
  5. START A BLOG >> Why? Because I tell myself I’m not an experienced enough writer, I’m not good enough, no one will embrace it, and I have no focus (and feel I need a focus to start a blog).

The things we tell ourselves that prevent us from LIVING!

On a successful note, I took a leap of faith two weeks ago. And though, right now, I feel the fear of the unknown that this leap of faith has brought on, I am totally happy that I FINALLY did it.

I quit my job. Nothing lined up, no potential jobs or income resources. And, I live in NYC, whose rent in and of itself can be quite daunting!

I was unhappy for at least 18 months of the 26 months I was at the job. I kept waiting for the perfect moment to leave. Specifically, at first, I was waiting for the perfect job to come along. Then, it was for a certain amount of money to be saved.  I kept telling myself I needed to “be smart” about my exit. Until one day, an event occurred and I decided in that moment “I don’t want or need this in my life. It isn’t aligned with ANYTHING I want for myself.”  I quit without hesitation or fear and the most miraculous thing occurred when the words left my mouth.

I felt free. Literally, it felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. For the rest of the workday, I finished any assignments I was still working on and cleaned my work area; and I did it with glee. I was cheerful and in those final hours of my final day at the job I was unhappy with for at least 18 months, money wasn’t a concern, how I was going to pay off my $86,000 graduate loan or overpriced NYC rent was no longer any concern of mine. Instead, I was filled with gratitude and fulfillment.

I was grateful for the opportunities the free time I now have will provide me. I can work on the writing projects I was always too tired to do after leaving work. I could use the free time to explore career options and truly decide what it is I want to do. I could finally declutter my apartment and just relax, something that I haven’t done for an extended period in YEARS.

I was satisfied that I finally did something that I wanted to do for over a year. I was proud of myself for being ballsy enough to <TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH>, believing that the Universe will catch me and I will be provided for.

It’s scary, indeed. But I am finally becoming reacquainted with the Unknown. So far, it has welcomed me with open arms.

Today, where can you take a leap of faith? What are you waiting for?

With confidence, encouragement, strength, and support,



Black Skin by K. Kenneth Edusei

Is there room for black skin?
It isn’t so chic,
God saw the light was good,
So he left the evil with me,
They say I’m a suspect,
I was killed for wearing a hoodie,
A 1,000 times I’ve been stopped and frisked,
I am incarcerated more than I should be,
I am paid less than other workers,
Can I give a shout-out to Lily Ledbetter?
I wonder if she’d been paid even less,
If her skin was a different color?
The academics say I am stupid,
They call it the achievement gap,
However when I ask about education funding,
I’m told “We are still working on that.”
Then they wonder why I’m disruptive,
Why I don’t do my work and pass,
They know I have no money,
Yet I’m bombarded with a million ads,
Class is not even over,
But cops are waiting at the door,
I asked about the school to prison pipeline,
And a judicial system’s negligence for the minority and poor,
I was told there is a propensity for violence,
Ignorance is so far reaching,
Sometimes I want to ask society,
Just. What. Are. You. Thinking?!
My skin contains the History of American Violence,
I’ve been lynched so many times I can’t remember,
I console my sisters who’ve been raped,
I hasten to bury another brother,
I had the seal of an owner,
Branded deep into my flesh,
Now I am a whole person,
Whose value is decidedly less,
How easily forgotten is their violence,
I am still called a n—-r,
But I use the word too,
So I guess that makes it all better,
My propensity is for self-determination,
I strive against an oppressive system,
They don’t acknowledge it is broken,
Instead I’m the one that needs the fixing,
So I am trying to be whiter,
Hopefully society will let me in,
If I work really hard for acceptance,
Maybe they will not see my black skin.

VitaSoul – Michel de Montaigne

“Rejoice in the things that are present; all else is beyond thee” ~ Michel de Montaigne


Michel de Montaigne wrote of his condition tha...
Michel de Montaigne wrote of his condition that, “I am at grips with the worst of all maladies, the most sudden, the most painful, the most mortal and the most irremediable. I have already experienced five or six very long and painful bouts of it.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Thankful Thursday: Sports Illustrated Kid of the Year 2012

This had me crying, it had LeBron James crying…just a heartfelt, warm, and touching experience. Words cannot express the magnitude of this video, it must only be felt. May this video stir your heart, your soul, and may it build a bridge for greater compassion and tenderness.

Thankful Thursday – What Oprah Knows About the Power of Gratitude

This was bound to happen. With all the positive gratitude talk it was bound to happen that the Queen of TV herself would make an appearance. Well folks, here is some Oprah for today’s Thankful Thursday. I tell you, just bound to happen.

Oprah offers some proven words of wisdom, but sometimes (if I am honest) it is harder said than done; it’s still something to aim for. Hoping this helps get you to a better place of gratitude.

Moment of Solitude by K. Kenneth Edusei

I usually write to 90s theme music, but today I am in the park listening. Listening to the birds chirping, dogs barking, people talking, and probably the most annoying, insects buzzing. Despite the many sounds I hear, I feel the pull of a moment. A moment separated from infinite linear progression. For this moment I feel freed from the temporal world. This is a moment to reflect, to dream, to plan, just to… Moments like these help shape my vision in the present, think or rethink the future, and help me come to terms with the past. This is separated from infinite linear progression. This is a moment of solitude.

Blurred due to recent events, my vision is not stable. I’m doubting my ability to interpret the world. Is this tree really a tree? Is the grass greener than before? Why do the birds sing such a somber song? My vision has failed me before; somethings are just so very hard to see. Even with contingency, I was forced to scramble. Fortunately, impromptu is a skill I am equipped with. Yes, I am able to handle what the world shows me. I may not like what I see but I am prepared. I am ready to see things clearly and overcome them. I am ready to see what exists in the present and I am ready to take on the challenges of existing.

Looking at this present world makes me think. Think about a future I desire, a future I want. But the future I want, the one with this, this, and this, is not guaranteed. I guess the first step in planning the future is knowing what that future is. I guess it’s time to rethink things again. “What’s your motivation Kenny? Why are you walking this path?” Necessity? “Come on Kenny you can do better than that.” Need? “Whose need? What you need?” I need… better. “Better what?” Just better… “Well, how do you… better?” You try better, act better, play better, think better, strive better, persist better, love better. You just do better! “Haha, well, that sounds like a plan!”

What is this sound? Like a rustling, lightly in the background. And what is this sensation? It feels like a slight tug on one’s shirt. Anyway, the plan for the future does not exist apart from the past. The corridor of personal history shows me so much. I see apologies to give, goodbyes to impart, and greetings I failed to utter. The murals of missed opportunities, the canvases of wasted time, and the different colors highlighting the paths I rejected. Again, I hear this rustling. It sounds closer. And I feel the touch of something. Like a light wave washing over my body. That tug, it has gotten stronger. Now it is more like a pulling, consistent and directional. Hmmm… Let me hurry. First to the wall of errors. I am sorry, I acknowledge the things I have done wrong. Now to the place of loss. I feel so weary looking at these tombstones. Saying goodbye does not mean I miss you any less. The goodbye itself cannot truly express how things have changed. To those whom I have failed to greet, I say hello and hello again.

What is this pull? It feels like an earth magnet pulling me in! I hear the rustling loudly, that push against my skin is stronger, and birds? I know, I understand now. One cannot be separated from infinite linear progression forever!  I am back in the park. The dogs are gone. The trees rustling loudly as the wind cools from the heat. The birds are singing; the chatter of people is all but gone. My moment has passed. I feel grounded, hopeful, yet a little burdened. Wow, so much has transpired and it only took a moment.

Thankful Thursday: Relationship Tip: Say Thanks

Another short goodie from Dr. Christine Carter. Here is some really simple relationship advice, and I think it can work for everyone not just couples. Dr. Carter states that expressing gratitude can actually increase feelings of being in love; that seems easy, simple, and fun to me! Let’s all hop on the love bus.