16 Underrated Lingerie Brands That Aren’t Victoria’s Secret ~ Augusta Falletta

1. Nubian Skin

Nubian Skin

@Nubianskin / Via instagram.com

Ade Hassan, the founder of Nubian Skin, was frustrated by the lack of skin-tone lingerie for women of color. Nubian Skin was born and has been making a diverse range of shades ever since. 

Pricing: $15–$50

Where to Buy: NubianSkin.com

2. Naja


Naja / Via Twitter: @naja

Two percent of every Naja purchase goes toward supporting their entrepreneurial sewing program for women through local foundations. They also employ single mothers through Underwear for Hope. 

Pricing: $9–$110

Where to Buy: Naja.co

3. Harlow & Fox

Harlow & Fox

@Harlowandfox / Via instagram.com

Harlow & Fox’s gorgeous lingerie is designed exclusively for sizes 30–38 D–DG. 

Pricing: $144–$287

Where to Buy: Harlowandfox.com

4. Wacoal


@wacoalamerica / Via instagram.com

Wacoal’s all about making beautiful lingerie that actually fits and feels right. Plus, its Fit for a Cure program helps to raise awareness about breast cancer with complimentary fittings around the country. 

Pricing: $15–$98

Where to Buy: Wacoal.com

5. ThirdLove


@Thirdlove / Via instagram.com

ThirdLove is a genius brand because they have… wait for it…HALF-CUP SIZES. For every woman who’s had to settle for a bra that’s a little too snug or loose, this is the solution. 

Pricing: $45–$68

Where to Buy: Thirdlove.com

6. Chrysalis Lingerie

Chrysalis Lingerie

Chrysalis lingerie was created specifically for the women of the transgender community and it’s beautiful AF. 

Pricing: $75–$85

Where to Buy: Chrysalislingerie.com

7. Dear Kate

Dear Kate

@Dearkates / Via instagram.com

Dear Kate’s underwear is built to keep up with periods, sweat, stains, and anything else a woman’s body will throw at her on the reg. 

Pricing: $32–$48

Where to Buy: DearKates.com

8. Hips & Curves

Hips & Curves

@hipsandcurves / Via instagram.com

Hips & Curves makes lingerie and sleepwear for plus-size women that ranges from sweet AF to really, really ~sensual.~

Pricing: $6.95–$69.95

Where to Buy: Hipsandcurves.com

9. Thinx


@Shethinx / Via instagram.com

Thinx is all about allowing — and encouraging — women to talk about their periods, and its underwear is meant to be worn during them. 

Pricing: $24–34

Where to Buy: Shethinx.com

10. You! Lingerie

You! Lingerie

@You_Lingerie / Via instagram.com

You! Lingerie makes maternity undergarments that convert into breastfeeding bras by unhooking the cup. Not to mention they’re frigging beautiful. 

Pricing: $13–$62

Where to Buy: You-lingerie.com

11. Brook There

Brook There

@brookthere / Via instagram.com

Brook There’s undergarments are made of sustainable and organic fabrics made to last, and they’re all designed and constructed in America. 

Pricing: $32–$145

Where to Buy: Brookthere.com

12. Adore Me

Adore Me

Once you fill take a quick ~preferences~ quiz on the kind of lingerie styles you love, Adore Me curates a collection based on your taste. You can sign up to be a VIP member to get perks (like $10 off any style, anytime and every sixth bra-and-panty set free) or just sign up as a non-member and order whatever you want. 

Pricing: $19.95–$49.95

Where to Buy: Adoreme.com

13. Play Out Underwear

Play Out Underwear

@Playoutnyc / Via instagram.com

Play Out underwear is gender neutral, designed with the idea of allowing people to break out of the constrictive gender binary. 

Pricing: $24–$28

Where to Buy: Playout-underwear.com

14. Marie Yat

Marie Yat

@_marieyat_ / Via instagram.com

The minimalist lingerie at Marie Yat is seamless, chic, and unisex. Its online store is coming soon. 

Pricing: Coming soon. 

Where to Buy: Marieyat.com coming soon.

15. True & Co

True & Co

@Trueandco / Via instagram.com

True & Co is dedicated to finding every woman’s perfect-fitting bras. Once you take a quiz online, it determines which bras will fit your body type best so you don’t have to do any guessing. 

Pricing: $15–$95

Where to Buy: Trueandco.com

16. Clare Bare

Clare Bare

@Clarebarexo / Via instagram.com

Clare Bare produces handmade, eco-friendly lingerie that’s a mix of vintage and modern styles.

Pricing: $30–$182

Where to Buy: Clarebare.com



These Pin-Up Photos From ‘Shameless Photography’ Show That Every Body Is Gorgeous by Nina Bahadur

Loving the body positive message of this article and the campaign. Yes, woman do not appreciate and accept their bodies (I am one of them). This fact is unfortunate; I often find myself wondering what it would feel like if I really loved myself. This is a great read!

Anyone can be a gorgeous, glamorous pin-up model.

That’s the idea behind Shameless Photography, started by photographer Sophie Spinelle in 2009. Spinelle, alongside fellow photographers Carey Lynne and Maxine Nienow, aims to help clients feel beautiful and confident in their bodies during their photoshoots. The result is sexy, feminist, body-positive images.

(Some images below may be considered NSFW.)

shameless photography

As well as providing commercial photoshoots, Shameless hosts a yearly “Love Your Body” competition, inviting women to write love letters to their bodies for the chance to win a photoshoot with the Shameless team. More importantly, according to Spinelle, the letters create a sense of online community, and spread the message of body love.

“We get hundreds of amazing letters from around the world,” Spinelle told The Huffington Post. “People with cancer, rape survivors, mothers of seven, trans women, pole dancers — you name it. We post a selection of the letters and invite people to read them and share them.”

shameless photography

“Doing this work has transformed my life,” Spinelle told The Huffington Post. “I’ve met the most amazing people, and they’ve been brave enough to share their fears and dreams with me, and to have that become part of the photographs. I’ve learned how rare confidence really is, and how precious. You’d be amazed how many truly beautiful people have no idea that they’re beautiful, and it has a huge affect on what they feel is possible for their lives.”

shameless photography

Spinelle hopes that clients and strangers alike will be inspired by the images and learn to love their bodies.

“The most important audience for the Shameless pinups series is the models themselves,” Spinelle told HuffPost. “I hope that when they look at these images, they can see how truly powerful, inspiring, and soul-deep beautiful they really are.”

See more incredible photographs from Shameless Photography below.

shameless photography

shameless photography

shameless photography

shameless photography

shameless photography

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Thankful Thursday -10 Things Every Female Should Know by Natalie Patterson

“I am enough”
“I am enough”
“I am most certainly enough”

The magic words uttered by Natalie Patterson in her unforgettable poem 10 Things Every Female Should Know. Everyone needs a pick me up. Everyone needs to be reminded of their unique awesomeness. In this amazing and soulful reading, Patterson plays the cheerleader – she is in your corner pushing you on. Forward my comrades, forward! Enjoy.


For Girls Who Say They’re Not Like Other Girls by Ren Martinez

Don’t tell anyone you’re not like other girls

Words tossed forward like a pair of loaded dice

Meant to cheat others out of being genuine

Don’t cite your lack of makeup or your combat boots

Or how you wear self-loathing like a cross around your neck

Worshipping yourself as a broken god

Don’t talk about how you’re just one of the guys

Circling a line around yourself in salt and sarcasm

Away from the creeping taint of menstrual blood

And obligations that have been ground into your bones since birth

There are already lines drawn in the sand and in our skin

Marked for scorn by breasts that we never really wanted (even when we did)

The sway of hips that are branded for a singular purpose

Until we are reduced to the inner lining of a uterine wall

Waiting for fulfillment in other people’s expectations

Don’t say that you’re not like other girls

You’re nothing but a mirror fractured by doubt and desire

And a million other girls refusing to look at each other

Desperate to be nothing like the rest