This Powerful Video Reveals What It’s Really Like To Walk Home Alone As A Woman by Danute Rasimaviciute

For some men, walking home alone does not cause them to feel threatened or fearful. Sadly, many women have a very different experience.

To show people this truth and the street harassment women often face, 28-year-old French filmmaker Maxime Gaudet created a short video titled Au bout de la rue (Court-métrage).

The video portrays a young woman’s walk home in Paris from the moment she separates from her friends, to the second she safely joins her boyfriend. On her way home during late hours, she’s approached by a man. The video perfectly portrays the fear many women experience caused by street harassment, and makes the viewer wonder how we really decide when “nothing happened.”

Perhaps the saddest and most realistic part of the short is at the end, when the clearly terrified young woman reaches her destination safely.

“How is it going?” her boyfriend says, greeting her with a kiss.

“Good, and you?” she answers.

While making systemic changes to stop street harassment is something we should all be working toward, in the meantime, people who do not feel safe walking alone can use tools like Companion, an app that allows you to easily alert friends if you are in any real danger on your way home.

(H/T: Les In Rocks)

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