The Muppets Go All English In This Epic Christmas Commercial ~ Lee Moran


You’ve never seen The Muppets like this.

The entire zany gang took over a crumpet factory in Bolton, northern England, to star in what’s been voted the best Christmas commercial across the pond.

The 2-minute clip starts with Kermit the Frog pitching “The Giant Crumpet Show” musical to British baking company Warburtons’ chairman, Jonathan Warburton.


The characters then attempt to convince him, through a reworked version of “The Muppet Show” song and dance, into investing in their idea.

They make countless local references, including to British soap opera Coronation Street and the Arndale shopping mall in Manchester.

Even Miss Piggy tries to wow the business’ boss with her charms.


The commercial, which first aired in November, was part of a $40 million campaignto celebrate the launch of Warburtons’ new “Giant Crumpet” range, according to Prolific North.

Consumers had voted it this year’s best Christmas commercial, independent brand researcher Millward Brown told the Telegraph Friday.

It beat British grocery giant Sainsbury’s, department store John Lewis and online payment company Paypal to the title.


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