Let’s be Amazing

Honored and Undeserving. So much love and respect for this great human being.

Megan Qasey

We’d encounter a few, or many, hardships throughout our journeys in this world. Through these hardships, we’d cross paths with others, and whether we’d encounter each other for a few minutes, hours, days, or remain together, we’d share what might seem insignificant at the time, yet it is that specific sharing that brings much inspiration to our personal lives.

Recently, I’ve had the fortune to cross paths with Giovannah. We met during CERRU’s annual training and had the opportunity to become partners in many activities. In a continuum exercise, statements were made and we were asked to move to the left, right, or center of the room making a spectrum however we saw fit. One such continuum was to reflect how much inclusion or exclusion we experienced in our lives so far. I stood closer to the center; I noticed she positioned herself to the far right signaling exclusion.


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