25 Vintage Photos Of Wild NYE Parties Of The Past ~ Gabriel H. Sanchez

AP Photo

Crowds at the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue in New York City usher in 1938 as rain and confetti pour onto the streets below.

J. A. Hampton / Getty Images

A group of New Years revelers toast to 1930.

Harry Kerr / Getty Images

Monty Fresco / Getty Images


Several couples in London’s Piccadilly Circus usher in 1955 with a kiss (Left). Also in 1955, a London couple lock lips as the clock strikes midnight.

Gordon Coster / Getty Images

Several soldiers and their dates happily parade through the New York City streets on New Year’s Day 1942, amid World War II.

Time Life Pictures / Time & Life Pictures / Getty Image

A happy couple celebrates the New Year of 1942 in a nightclub amid crowds of revelers.

Keystone-france / Getty Images

A dinner party in New York City toasts to 1945.

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

In 1922, the guests at a New Year’s Party get rowdy by tossing tables and chairs into the indoor pool.

Daily Mail / Daily Mail/REX/Shutterstock

London party-goers take a quick dip in the fountain at Trafalgar Square to celebrate 1954.

Harry Kerr / Getty Images

London’s Piccadilly Circus is seen jam packed with thousands of people welcoming in 1955.

H. Allen / Getty Images

A group of friends cheer from the roof of a car while celebrating the arrival of 1936 in London.

Keystone-france / Getty Images

Fox Photos / Getty Images


Several young women in New York City toast to 1933 (left). One of the giant nets full of balloons waiting to be raised to the ceiling of the Albert Hall, London where the Chelsea Arts Ball was held on New Year’s Eve, 1933 (right).


Times Square is jammed pack as crowds gather to ring in 1937.

Matty Zimmerman / AP

In case of an air raid during the annual New Year’s eve gathering in Times Square, the fire department assigned a number of its trucks and men to the district in 1941.

Lawrence Thornton / Getty Images

AP Photo/Matty Zimmerman


Crowds gather under a marquee advertising the 1945 film, ‘The Stork Club,’ at night on Broadway in Times Square, New York City. A mounted police officer laughs in the foreground (left). In this 1942 photo (right), revelers stir up a commotion as the clock strikes midnight.

Fpg / Getty Images

Partied-out men recovering from New Years Eve celebrations are seen passed out on the steps of Grand Central Station, New York, circa 1940.

Harry Kerr / Getty Images

Cheerful couples in London see in the New Year of 1955 with dancing and singing.

Keystone-france / Getty Images


At a restaurant in 1940, a woman blows a party trumpet in the ear of her guest (left). A bar tender mixes cocktails to usher in 1940 (right).

Gordon Coster / Getty Images

An American soldier and his date in New York City on New Year’s Eve, as 1941 turns to 1942.


AP Photo/Matty Zimmerman


Swedish screen actress Anita Ekberg laughingly puts a hat of paper streamers on the head of her husband, British actor Anthony Steel, during a New Year’s Eve party in 1959 (left). Entertainer Henny Youngman prepares for New Years Eve at the Copacabana Club in New York in 1950 (right).

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Crowds gathering at midnight in New York City’s Times Square join together to watch the ball dropping on New Year’s Eve, 1942.


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