16 Underrated Lingerie Brands That Aren’t Victoria’s Secret ~ Augusta Falletta

1. Nubian Skin

Nubian Skin

@Nubianskin / Via instagram.com

Ade Hassan, the founder of Nubian Skin, was frustrated by the lack of skin-tone lingerie for women of color. Nubian Skin was born and has been making a diverse range of shades ever since. 

Pricing: $15–$50

Where to Buy: NubianSkin.com

2. Naja


Naja / Via Twitter: @naja

Two percent of every Naja purchase goes toward supporting their entrepreneurial sewing program for women through local foundations. They also employ single mothers through Underwear for Hope. 

Pricing: $9–$110

Where to Buy: Naja.co

3. Harlow & Fox

Harlow & Fox

@Harlowandfox / Via instagram.com

Harlow & Fox’s gorgeous lingerie is designed exclusively for sizes 30–38 D–DG. 

Pricing: $144–$287

Where to Buy: Harlowandfox.com

4. Wacoal


@wacoalamerica / Via instagram.com

Wacoal’s all about making beautiful lingerie that actually fits and feels right. Plus, its Fit for a Cure program helps to raise awareness about breast cancer with complimentary fittings around the country. 

Pricing: $15–$98

Where to Buy: Wacoal.com

5. ThirdLove


@Thirdlove / Via instagram.com

ThirdLove is a genius brand because they have… wait for it…HALF-CUP SIZES. For every woman who’s had to settle for a bra that’s a little too snug or loose, this is the solution. 

Pricing: $45–$68

Where to Buy: Thirdlove.com

6. Chrysalis Lingerie

Chrysalis Lingerie

Chrysalis lingerie was created specifically for the women of the transgender community and it’s beautiful AF. 

Pricing: $75–$85

Where to Buy: Chrysalislingerie.com

7. Dear Kate

Dear Kate

@Dearkates / Via instagram.com

Dear Kate’s underwear is built to keep up with periods, sweat, stains, and anything else a woman’s body will throw at her on the reg. 

Pricing: $32–$48

Where to Buy: DearKates.com

8. Hips & Curves

Hips & Curves

@hipsandcurves / Via instagram.com

Hips & Curves makes lingerie and sleepwear for plus-size women that ranges from sweet AF to really, really ~sensual.~

Pricing: $6.95–$69.95

Where to Buy: Hipsandcurves.com

9. Thinx


@Shethinx / Via instagram.com

Thinx is all about allowing — and encouraging — women to talk about their periods, and its underwear is meant to be worn during them. 

Pricing: $24–34

Where to Buy: Shethinx.com

10. You! Lingerie

You! Lingerie

@You_Lingerie / Via instagram.com

You! Lingerie makes maternity undergarments that convert into breastfeeding bras by unhooking the cup. Not to mention they’re frigging beautiful. 

Pricing: $13–$62

Where to Buy: You-lingerie.com

11. Brook There

Brook There

@brookthere / Via instagram.com

Brook There’s undergarments are made of sustainable and organic fabrics made to last, and they’re all designed and constructed in America. 

Pricing: $32–$145

Where to Buy: Brookthere.com

12. Adore Me

Adore Me

Once you fill take a quick ~preferences~ quiz on the kind of lingerie styles you love, Adore Me curates a collection based on your taste. You can sign up to be a VIP member to get perks (like $10 off any style, anytime and every sixth bra-and-panty set free) or just sign up as a non-member and order whatever you want. 

Pricing: $19.95–$49.95

Where to Buy: Adoreme.com

13. Play Out Underwear

Play Out Underwear

@Playoutnyc / Via instagram.com

Play Out underwear is gender neutral, designed with the idea of allowing people to break out of the constrictive gender binary. 

Pricing: $24–$28

Where to Buy: Playout-underwear.com

14. Marie Yat

Marie Yat

@_marieyat_ / Via instagram.com

The minimalist lingerie at Marie Yat is seamless, chic, and unisex. Its online store is coming soon. 

Pricing: Coming soon. 

Where to Buy: Marieyat.com coming soon.

15. True & Co

True & Co

@Trueandco / Via instagram.com

True & Co is dedicated to finding every woman’s perfect-fitting bras. Once you take a quiz online, it determines which bras will fit your body type best so you don’t have to do any guessing. 

Pricing: $15–$95

Where to Buy: Trueandco.com

16. Clare Bare

Clare Bare

@Clarebarexo / Via instagram.com

Clare Bare produces handmade, eco-friendly lingerie that’s a mix of vintage and modern styles.

Pricing: $30–$182

Where to Buy: Clarebare.com



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