17 Adorable Photos of Dads Doing Just About Anything for Their Daughters ~ Christen Grumstrup

1. This dancing duo 


2. So he was little red riding hood 



3. Twins! 



4. This trooper: 



5. This dad who got real creative 


He would most likely do anything for her

6. Tea Time, anyone? 



7. Or this dad who decided to brave a One Direction concert. 


Earplugs and all. 

8. Just playing princesses…of course. 



9. You can paint my nails while I play video games. 



10. This team… 



11. that can get through anything 



12. These two cuties getting their breakfast on. 



13. This dad who is just going with the flow. 



14. This guy taking one for the team 



15. More tea, anyone? 



16. Besties 

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