What Is The Meaning Of Life? by Giovannah Philippeaux

We start the New Year with a very important question, what is the meaning of life? Oh god if I knew! But Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson seems to have a clue, and a very good one at that.

After being asked the question by an amazing little boy, Dr. Tyson goes on to explain that meaning is created not found. The meaning of life is not something you happen upon, or work to discover, but rather it is something that you create with time, effort, and curiosity. By learning as much as you can, staying curious, and staying connected to nature, we can create our own life’s purpose and meaning.

This definition returns the power of determination and destiny back to the individual. Life is no longer an external search for meaning but an internal process of creation. Loving this amazing insight offered by Dr. Tyson…Thank You!

I say this little boy is off to a great life start…youtube star, Dr. Tyson fan, and youthful philosopher.


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