Carpe Noctem! (Or: Things to do during a blackout) by Carike Claassen

Load shedding. Two words that are currently on South African lips as the local power provider struggles to keep up with the demands of an emerging economy, causing power failures that last for hours at a time.
It was during such scheduled load shedding last weekend that a lightbulb went on for me (only metaphorically, of course).
With no electricity and none of the distractions usually provided by it, I was actually having the most fun I’ve had in a while. I read. A lot. I lit up candles and drank red wine. I spent a whole lot of time outside; puttering around in the garden when it was light and then just appreciating the silence as night began to fall.
It was good. Restorative.
I’m making an early New Year’s resolution to unplug more often. Sure, a lot of that unplugging might not be quite voluntary but I figure carpe noctem – I’ll seize the night while it’s here.


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