Wag More by Kristen Alexandra

His nose grazed across each leaf so gently, leaving a light brush of snot resting on the surface. All four paws hit the pavement in a unique prance, crushing the crispy, golden fall foliage between between his hairy, padded toes. It was a joyful trot, as always. The tongue, red and juicy, thwacked back and forth like a metronome, following the pace of his gate while he tasted the air and all of its flavors.

Liberating. Independent. Freeing. Pleasurable. Just looking at his hairy muzzle I could tell there is nothing this dog would rather be doing. He was fully entrenched in the moment.

When his friend turned the corner, his tail whipped so fast that if used as a propellor, lost in the open ocean, we’d find land in no time.

A dog, we know, sees the world differently than us humans, perhaps more fully. We are caught in daily responsibilities, stress, surrounded by multitudes of personalities and distractions. It’s easy to lose consciousness regarding simple pleasures in our lives, in nature and in our loved ones around us. To watch a dog is not just a tennis ball bouncing into it’s wet mouth, but the excitement, enjoyment and time spent in the moment. Those with four paws and a tail don’t worry. They don’t have bills to pay. All they have is love to give.

Be more like a dog. Give kisses often, cuddle and hug those you love and just see how wonderful the moment can be.


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