Take A Breath by Kristen Alexandra

Breathless, gasping for air despite his oxygen tank around his shoulder, cranked to the highest setting, the phone rang. He was notified that he would be receiving a new lung. Breathless, aghast at the news, he hurried into his car with his wife as fast as his lungs would allow.

Grateful, he was, at the opportunity to live the rest of his life taking deep breaths of fresh, crisp air without the ensuing cough and exhaustion that had tormented him for 10 years. As he recovered in the hospital, he possessed the most enlivening and inspirational philosophy of life. In his own words, go with the flow.

This gentleman spoke and acted upon these words with such ease, such serenity that it created an atmosphere of restfulness and peace of mind, which certainly aided in his healing process. His behavior and conversation among family, friends and strangers was of kindness, acceptance and gratitude.

What is flow but our daily experience with people and events, hardships, achievements and our reactions to them all? Do we ever know where this “flow” will take us? Why fight it? Why worry to the point of disorder? There is no order with flow; it’s a continual flux, an enduring change. Just as a raft advances down stream and battles new challenges each moment, it follows the current, the flow.

For this gentle soul to accept and be fully aware of his circumstances, to treat those around him with love and kindness and to be appreciative of the seconds that seem like gifts, was the best he could live, the best anyone could live in this perpetual, joyous flux called life.