Introducing Our Newest Writer – Kristen Reynolds

As a chocolate lover, traveler, and nurse, Kristen has a unique perspective on life. She joins our wholehearted community as means of exploring her creativity. We look forward to her contributions here on Minus The Box.

Kristen is enthusiastic to be part of this community, providing an avenue to breakout into a creative world that is often difficult to find in her profession. As a registered nurse of 3 years and an avid traveler, at times with just herself and her backpack, she has noticed so much about humanity and life. Everything, everyone, has a story. She is trying to create her own- a young nurse out on the town, enjoying good music and delicious food, but instead of a stethoscope and an alcohol swab you’ll find her with a pen, dictionary and some chocolate stashed away to satisfy that tenacious sweet tooth.


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