Introducing Our Newest Writer – Carol A.!!!

Joining us from the West Coast, Carol is a lover of all things film. She enjoys experiencing the vitality of life through road trips, music, and great food. We look forward to Carol’s contributions on Minus The Box.

Carol Alexander grew up in Culver City, CA—the Heart of Screenland, and recently earned her BA in Film at UC Berkeley. Growing up, she used writing to develop her voice and overcome shyness, later becoming a tour guide to broaden her public speaking abilities and expression.

While looking for ways to create art and change, she has traveled the world through music, founded a chapter of a professional co-ed cinema fraternity on her campus, found love with helping others, and made lifelong friendships along the way. She has become a published poet who has written several screenplays and short stories. Whether experiencing stress, melancholy, or happiness, she maintains a love for music, food, Stan Lee comics, film, long road trips, and will try almost anything once.

Carol currently lives in Los Angeles volunteering for WriteGirl LA, and working with all things film.


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