Introducing Our Newest Writer – Brett Myers!!

From Georgia to New York, Brett has seen the best of what the East Coast has to offer. He joins us with an extensive background in communications and experience with such popular websites as BuzzFeed. We greatly look forward to his contributions on Minus The Box.

“Born and raised in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, Brett has been writing since he was very young. While in high school, he studied the art of prose with Lorri Hewett, author of Dancer and Lives Of Our Own. Now a senior at Pace University, he has chosen to pursue a major in Communications and shifted his focus to playwriting and online content creation. Along with studying journalism and blog writing, he has authored multiple articles that have gone viral and been promoted on the front page of with over 240,000 views. He has had multiple one-act plays showcased in the university’s performing arts activities. He enjoys experiencing and writing about art, pop culture, and social justice discourse. He’s also an avid social media connoisseur, religiously following YouTube moguls such as Jenna Marbles and Grace Helbig.”


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