Its all in the Tea Leaves by Candice Ashley

As I enter my mid-twenties, tons of milestones are happening all around me. Not to me, but around me. Co-workers, acquaintances, random people on the street and friends are getting engaged, married, pregnant, dream career promotions and buying houses. While I am chugging along at turtle speed. Summer is almost upon us, seasonally and is here socially for my mid-twenty year olds out there. I feel like I am spending all my time “working” on me, meditating and being open to revelations, and reading the tea leaves in the mug that is my life.

While the past year has brought me much growth and awareness, I am still striving for the inner peace. I still feel gut pangs and ego bruises with every other milestone happening to people around me. Maybe this is the plight of the self involved product of my generation.  My one consolation is that I am not jealous or envious. I am truly happy for the recipients of these grand events. They are embarking on a new exciting adventure. I am just puzzled as to WHY I am not on the adventure train too! I know I will get there, but I just want to know the time, date, year and place as to when.

I remember being younger and hearing older people say “your twenties will be the time of your life”. And now most twenty year olds I know, myself included, can’t wait for it to be over. The wandering, the thinking, and the stride making towards the (future) life you want to have. Then again I am a part of an interesting sect of young people who are plagued with notions of forward thinking. In my mind I need to figure out who I am now and fast. I don’t want to be 35 and then just realizing, holy sh**t, my life currently sucks! But in the words of Bikram Choudhury  “ You’re never too old, too late, and never to sick, to start from scratch once again“

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