Untitled 7 by K. Kenneth Edusei

Someone said I was writer,
I replied “no I count numbers.”
He said you’re a liar,
I can’t lie about what I haven’t discovered.

Someone said I have good rhetoric,
I replied “No, I am all substance.”
She said you’re a symphony of words,
I only speak my heart in abundance.

Someone said I am a good listener.
I replied “No, I like to dissect information.”
He said you must listen to do that,
The listening was a part of his imagination.

Someone said I love you
I replied “You’re not speaking truth.”
You’re missing an important point she said,
A point not for designed for logical sleuths.

It took me a while to realize,
But it finally got through.
For all my brilliance,
I don’t have a clue!


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