TED Talk Tuesday – John Hodgman: Design, explained.

Comedian, Daily Show regular, and all around expert John Hodgman keeps it funny and light in today’s TED Talk. In his brief presentation, Hodgman discusses three iconic designs and their odd place in modern society. His greatest insight comes at the end, as always saving the best for last. Happy April and Enjoy!


“It is easy to forget the gasp-inducement that occurred in 2007 when you first touched this thing because it became so quickly pervasive and because of how instantly we adopted these gestures and made it an extension of our life. Unlike the Theme Building, this is not alien technology. Or I should say, what it did was it took technology which, unlike people in this room, to many other people in the world, still feels very alien, and made it immediately and instantly feel familiar and intimate.”

And unlike the juicy salif, it does not threaten to attach itself to your brain, rather, it simply attaches itself to your brain. And you didn’t even notice it happened.”


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