Thankful Thursday – Spring Equinox and International Happy Day!

Spring Equinox and International Happy Day!! OMG OMG, it’s just too much perfect. Happy Spring Equinox and International Happy Day. So exciting to have two awesome things in one day. Goodbye winter, never liked you anyway. Hello Sun and Fun!

Received an awesome email this morning with video clips of people from around the world dancing to Pharrell’s ridiculously infectious song “Happy.” Sydney, Paris, Budapest, Hong Kong, don’t you just love it when a good feeling goes viral. Well I am dancing right now and I hope these videos being a beat to your feet and a smile to your face. WHOOOO Happy!

What am I grateful for: music that can bridge culture, language, and space and remind us that deep down we are all more alike than we think. People across the globe, of different colors, genders, and places are dancing to this one song and sharing it. This brings such light and joy to my heart, that for just a moment we can all be connected, celebratory, and grateful. I just love to see people having a good time. Enjoy!




Hong Kong




Full Playlist with 10 different countries


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