A Tango Inspiration by Giovannah Philippeaux

Loving this post from Little Moments of Beauty in the Everyday. Ohh, today started out so stressful (and it still is) but hearing this song just made me feel so good. Thank you so much B*.

I remember this song from the film The Tango Lesson by Sally Potter. So I went on a treasure hunt and discovered a few more Sally Potter gems. Hope this lifts you as it has lifted me. Thank you and Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “A Tango Inspiration by Giovannah Philippeaux

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  2. B*

    Oh, these are absolutely gorgeous gems!

    Dear friend, thank you for being the kind soul of light you are and for dropping by my site with your love. Do know that what you do here brings a lot of sweet cheer to so many readers like myself♥

    Thank you once again for the sweet and humbling mention of my post here. I hope you are feeling better.
    Do take good care and stay precious, too 🙂

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