Untitled 6 by K. Kenneth Edusei

How can I make you understand me?
How do I transpose my soul?
I want you to have more than my knowledge,
I want you to have my experience,
I want you to know me as a whole.
I want you to feel what I think,
Become a part my thoughts,
How do I grant you access,
To that linguistically inaccessible,
Yet still expressible,
How do I transfer this gray matter,
Electronic signals encased in bone,
The things I’ve seen, my entire being,
This life that I own.
I want you to understand,
Why I drew a line in the sand,
Why I am arrogant about my position,
And why I am determined to be an ethical man.
Why I refuse to conform,
Why I push for new norms,
Why the oppression of the weakest,
Causes me great harm.
Why I’ve had enough,
Why my countenance is so rough,
And yet, through it all,
Why my hope still lies in love.
There will always exists,
A space between you and I,
My hope is you’ll feel me,
My hope is you’ll understand why,
I think I suffer from solipsism,
I don’t want to believe it true,
Reach through my darkness,
I need the light,
Of another life,
To shine through.


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