TED Talk Tuesday – Nina Jablonski: Skin Color Is An Illusion

Ohh do I love science. The answer to ignorance, science and information can lead to clarity and awareness. In today’s TED Talk, noted and well respected academic Nina Jablonski discusses the evolution of skin color. As a biological anthropologist and paleobiologist, Nina Jablonski has dedicated her career to understanding the history and diversity of complexion.

“Now what is wonderful about the evolution of human skin pigmentation, and the phenomenon of pigmentation, is that it is the demonstration, the evidence, of evolution by natural selection, right on your body. When people ask you, “What is the evidence for evolution?” You don’t have to think about some exotic examples, or fossils. You just have to look at your skin.”

“Darwin, I think, would have appreciated this, even though he eschewed the importance of climate on the evolution of pigmentation during his own life. I think, were he able to look at the evidence we have today, he would understand it. He would appreciate it. And most of all, he would teach it.”

“You, you can teach it. You can touch it. You can understand it. Take it out of this room. Take your skin color, and celebrate it. Spread the word. You have the evolution of the history of our species, part of it, written in your skin. Understand it. Appreciate it. Celebrate it. Go out. Isn’t it beautiful? Isn’t it wonderful?You are the products of evolution. Thank you.”


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