One Hundred Days Of Something Or Another By Giovannah Philippeaux

So you have probably heard of the website GiveIt100. A new venture that serves as a platform for people to try new things. According to the website, “Giveit100 is a place for people who live life 100%. Choose what you want to get better at and share a video of your progress every day.”

Well I have got the bug and will be jumping on the bandwagon; to use an unnecessary amount of metaphors all at once. To start with, my two 100 day projects will be “Poetry and Prose” and “Coding.” To begin with the later, I will spend time daily learning to code with Codecademy. Why? It could be fun but mostly to beef up my skills and resume. Second, I will be practicing my rhyming and writing with “Poetry and Prose.” Just yesterday I was thinking, I wish I could write really well; not jut grammar but compelling writing. At first I was going to do just poetry but I figure why limit myself.

So this should all be very exciting and I will be updating regularly so stay tuned. Enjoy and crazy love, Gio


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