Fresh Face Friday – Anthony Frazier II

Great new photographer to share with you on this very special Valentine’s Day. Anthony Frazier II hailing from Northern California brings a unique and realistic approach to all his work. Read more about him and his work below. Check out his sites at;; Enjoy! And happy V-Day!



1) Name:
Anthony Frazier II

2) Website Address:

3) Title/Position:
Professional Photographer
Founder of Mobile Snap Studios and The Natural Hair Project

4) Examples of your work:
See below

5) Brief biography:
I was born and raised in Oakland, California. I have three brothers, two older and one younger. I graduated highschool in 2003 from Mountain Oaks in San Andreas, California. I currently run and own my own photography business and teach salsa dancing on the side.


1) What does wholehearted and mindful living mean to you?
It means allowing yourself to use all healthy and positive avenues to get the most out of life. And truly living your life fully in a way that benefits not just yourself but those around you as well.

2) How do you practice wholehearted and mindful living?
I always start my day off with prayer. My girlfriend and I are long distance so we pray with each other first thing in the morning. I also try to focus on making positive connections with positive people who help inspire me and motivate me. And I always try to have a positive release for when I become frustrated or stressed.

 3) What or who inspires you?
There are a lot of people, but definitely my dad who works extremely hard, my mom who teaches me to love my true self on a daily basis, my brother for his drive, and my girlfriend who is continually showing me the beauty of the simple things in life.

4) Answer this quote: “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one, wild, and precious life?” ~Mary Oliver
I want to do something that helps me grow; to become a better, selfless, understanding, and patient individual. Also, I want to have a positive effect on our world and culture in some type of way.

5) What words of wisdom would you offer to your younger self?
Work a lot harder, don’t be so quick to become angry, have patience, and take your time. With having your own business you have to work harder then the next person, so again work a lot harder and smarter. I wish I had the same mind set I have now.


1) What is “The Natural Hair Project” and what inspired you to create it?
The natural hair project is sharing the journey, struggles, and beauty men and women have experienced through photography and video. My mom, girlfriend, and best friend, all of whom are natural, inspired me to start this project.

2) What is your most memorable story from “The Natural Hair Project”?
I honestly can’t pick one because everyone of them so far has been inspiring and powerful in their own way. Each is different and encouraging.

3) What is your creative process?
My creative process… I usually sit in one place that’s really quiet for awhile just brainstorming and playing out ideas in my head. After that I usually attempt what I see in my minds eye; it may take 5 minutes or a few days to get it just right.

4) How have you dealt with the challenges of being an artist?
Oh yes daily, sometimes photos don’t come out at all like you intended, working with different scenes and weather, and even more so the financial part has been the hardest.

5) What do you hope is the impact and meaning of your work?
I hope it inspires everyone; just by viewing my work and how I see the world.

A Laundry Day by Anthony Frazier
THE BEGINNING by Anthony Frazier
A Day In The Life Of… Anthony Frazier

Ms. Kendra Leigh by Anthony Frazier
TNP by Anthony Frazier
Peculiar Knots by Anthony Frazier
Peculiar Knots by Anthony Frazier