Thankful Thursday – Gratitude

Newly formed Flickr fan here, and as we are currently snowed in due to extreme winter weather (convinced that Mother Nature is getting even) I have been trolling the site for some gratitude. I am pleased to say that inspiration is abound on Flickr. Enjoy!

On a side note, something amazing happened today that warmed the cockles of my wintered heart. This afternoon I witnessed my next door neighbor shoveling the front of our house; mind you this after had just completed a sizable amount of shoveling for his own home. To top that off, the neighbor across the street was doing the same for his next door neighbor. Now, I don’t know what stirred these gentlemen to commit such acts of kindness, but I am grateful and it fills my heart to the brim. It makes me hopeful that in a time of need their are strangers willing to help.

Do you have a similar story of a random act of kindness? Share in the comments. Thanks.

Gratitude Symphony Of Love
Gratitude Marynbtol
Soul Symphony Of Love
Joy Pringle Hill

Gratitude Marynbtol

Stronger Deeplifequotes
Heart Symphony Of Love

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