Fresh Face Friday – Nelya Shenklyarska

I am so happy to be sharing this amazing artist with you. For our first Fresh Face Friday of the New Year, may I present Nelya Shenklyarska. Born and trained in Eastern Europe, Neyla entered the painting world with a background in Fashion Design. Her unique sense of style is evident in her expressive paintings. Below is a brief profile of her in her own words. Enjoy!

To check out more of her work visit:

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1) Name: Nelya Shenklyarska

2) Website Address:

3) Mediums you work in:
Oil on canvas, Acrylic on canvas

4) Examples of your work
See Below

5) Biography:

  • Masters Degree in Fashion Design
  • Over 30 years of experience with oil on canvas
  • Painted over 700 paintings
  • Worked as an art instructor

1) What does wholehearted and mindful living mean to you?
Do not waste time, life is to short and so beautiful.

2) How do you practice wholehearted and mindful living?
I just want people to feel positive and to be happy when they see my art.

3) What or who inspires you?
I’m discovering something new about art all the time. Usually people who are close to me inspire me. Over the last few years, a huge influence on my art has been Jeff’s perception of art.

4) Answer this quote: “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one, wild, and precious life?” ~Mary Oliver
Enjoy everything I’m doing, not just painting. It’s about time, time to enjoy everything in my life, and to bring joy to people (I’m not sure if it is going to be a wild life :-)).

5) What words of wisdom would you offer to your younger self?
Be confident, believe in yourself.

1) What is your artistic process?
I when I see something that inspires me I get this feeling of “I want to paint this.” I don’t do sketches, I just paint right on the canvas. Usually it takes one session, just a few hours. In this way the painting will be fresh and exactly what I felt in that moment. If I were to not paint in the moment and were to wait for later on, the feelings would go away and the painting would not be as powerful and expressive.

2) Your work is expressive and vibrant, what inspires such dynamic energy in your paintings?
See above.

3) How has life in Western Ukraine influenced your work and life as an artist?
Along with the emotional impact of life in the Ukraine, I acquired the basic knowledge of how to paint. Later, in the Republic of Georgia, I learned about the expression of colors and some more techniques. In the United States I had time to experiment and improve my skills.

4) What do you hope is the impact and meaning of your work?
I am happy to contribute my art to this world just to remind people how beautiful life is.

5) What projects do you have on the horizon?
I would like to try painting murals.


Wave 27.5 x 19.5 in Nelya Shenklyarska
Parrots 18 x 24 in Nelya Shenklyarska
Rain 8 x 10 in Nelya Shenklyarska
San Xavier Mission Church 24 x 30 in Nelya Shenklyarska
Venice bridge 16 x 20 in Nelya Shenklyarska
Old Europe 18 x 24 in Nelya Shenklyarska
Mistery of Spring 24 x 30 in Nelya Shenklyarska
The Blue 24 x 30 in Nelya Shenklyarska

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