Becoming Me by K. Kenneth Edusei

I’m becoming me,
What does that mean?
I’m getting comfortable,
With the person I see,
I’m learning to accept my fire,
My passion burns bright,
I am accepting my quirky doings,
The annoying things about my life,
I’m learning to accept my faults,
Yes, I do have a few,
My yin and my yang,
I strive to balance the two,
I’m learning to deal with my body,
This is insanely perplexing,
Reject harmful female body image,
Aesthetic masculinity needs dissecting,
I love my random knowledge,
How long is an exasecond?
When’s the golden age of hip-hop?
And video-game history deserves a mention,
Though, I’m still trying to find my place,
Still sort of a lost soul,
Some things are still tough to accept,
Some things hinder my growth,
I feel like I am really far behind,
Relativity impresses upon the psyche,
There is that sense of inadequacy,
When compared to others in life,
That’s why I said “becoming”,
Not totally happy with who I see,
I’m moving toward that state of being,
Moving toward becoming me.


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