The Ornament by K. Kenneth Edusei

Its that time of the year,

We get together to decorate things,

I got out my box of stuff,

Ornaments from 2013,

The year started a little rough,

We were still feeling Sandy,

The first ornament I have,

Strangers becoming family,

This is such a weird ornament,

Two-toned and flimsy,

It’s those times of transition,

I have this ornament with me,

This ornament embodies my experience,

Researching racism is not easy,

They derided me for black skin,

But do they know what it is to be its owner really?

Oh wow! I love this ornament,

It’s tea, with milk, and honey,

We sat in MoMA for a month,

Discussing the Wonderful and Lovely,

I do know that I am privileged,

I have so many ornaments to choose,

There are others without so much,

And so this ornament is for you,

It’s an ornament of care,

Why be in this world alone,

Let’s do this together,

And create a holiday home,

I invite you to add an ornament,

Please help me decorate,

I’m hanging the first one:

Happy Holidays…


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