Untitled 2 by K. Kenneth Edusei

I thought I’d learn,
Guess I’m not that bright,
Insanity is doing the wrong thing over,
Hoping it becomes right,
Not always as easy as one might think,
An insane heart is a very difficult thing,
Lessons are expensive,
I’m forced to admit a truth,
No person is an island,
How’s that for breaking news,
Now I have to confront the obvious,
Because I am too stupid to know,
I need Dorothy ,
If I’m easing down the road,
I really didn’t expect this problem,
I thought I tied affection down,
Now I have to deal with a freed sentiment,
Whom for years has been bound,
I acknowledge the need for solicitude,
I thought I built an impenetrable prison,
Now I realize the flaw in solitude,
Walls cannot keep out feelings.


One thought on “Untitled 2 by K. Kenneth Edusei

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