Recycling Words of Wisdom by Dani.Love

Recently, I have been cleaning out things. Part of that consisted of going through my old phone to clear out saved notes. Wanted to share some. First one is by me. Hope you all enjoy and are able to take something away.

With love and a side of dark chocolate fudge brownies,

Do Me (Affirmations to Self)

Do what I feel
Say what I feel
I am all I need
Feel good about my actions
Feel good about myself
Know that I’m worthy
Know that I’m perfectly imperfect
Know that I’m growing
Know that I’m beautiful
Embrace my flaws
Embrace my emotions
Make the most of what I have
Be grateful
Be fearless
Take action
Create beautiful memories
Do love
Do smile
Do laugh
Do cry
Do move
Do learn
Do teach
Do help
Do be

You are meant to take up as much space on this earth as you wish to occupy. Be big. Be small. Reach out. Draw in. Be social. Be introverted.

Alive Alone
by Nancy Wood

We are all alive alone.
Neither friend nor lover
Child nor mother
Can light our way for very long.
Out of loneliness
Arises the self we never knew.
Out of fear
Comes the wisdom of our ancestors.
Out of impatience
Grows the persistence of old age.
These shadows of our memory
Create new pathways to the soul
So that in being alive alone
We become alive together.

Words of Hope
by Bliss

“So pack up your weakness,
Consider your goodness,
Let the past be the past,
Let this moment be true.
When divinity is yours then,
Forgiveness is the healer
That mends the broken heart
And restores broken dreams….”

So believe in your goodness
And shine through your darkness,
And face all your fears with a smile and a wave.
All the tears that you have cried
Are now turning into diamonds
And every road you tread is a road that’s paved with gold

*Excerpt from Road of Gold

by Unknown (but greatly appreciated!)

You already are what you truly are. To fully know that and make it the functional center of your life, you need to take your attention beyond all the things you aren’t and let your core Being know itself by itself. For thousands of years meditation has been prescribed as the way to reach self-realization. When you reclaim true spiritual authorship of your life, you don’t have to worry about making goals and struggling against habits and desires. You make conscious life-affirming choices from a place of inner contentment and peace.



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