Amends by K. Kenneth Edusei

My reflection haunts me,
I don’t like who I see,
There are so many things I despise about him,
I wonder how I live with me,
I have so many reasons to hate him,
We must exists in the same space,
I am the steward of his bad habits,
Daily forced to see his face,
There is no place to hide from him,
I fight him all the time,
I know he cannot swim,
So I drown him in a glass of wine,
I hate to make eye contact,
With a reflection I wish would die,
He tells me all I try to forget,
The one person to whom I could never lie,
He’s my eternal score keeper,
I can never run from him,
I’ve grown so strong in hatred,
Cause I can’t forgive my sins,
I am weary of this battle,
How do I make peace with me?
Maybe it’s time we talk about this,
Maybe it’s time to set things free,
Maybe I need to let go some pain,
And work on becoming better,
When I asked for wings earlier,
I didn’t expect such stormy weather,
I don’t have any answers,
But this needs to be fixed,
I’m trying to find a way to love him,
He’s someone I genuinely want to live with.


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