TED Talk Tuesday – Rev. Deborah Johnson: It’s Time To Evolve How We Resolve

This is a really powerful talk from the Rev. Deborah Johnson. Rev. Johnson gives a heart felt speech on the importance of our common humanity, and why we must live from this shared place of love. She argues that in order for us to move forward as a species we must move from an “I” or “Me” frame of mind to a “We” frame of mind.


“The only thing that ever needs to be healed in the world is just a sense of separation. You can’t find any problem that is derived out of human activity that is not ultimately rooted in some profound, proverbial sense of separation.”

“What heals this sense of separation is a new understanding of oneness. It’s an awareness of our innate connectedness to one another. Another name for this oneness is love.”

“It’s time for us to move to a more inclusive ‘love your neighbor as your self’. It’s time for us to evolve to a new sense of oneness, which will require that we develop an identity of ‘We’.”



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