Following Routine and Other Victories by Ren Martinez

There’s something to be said about routine. I am notoriously contrary about fixed schedules, constantly breaking up the timeline as I see fit. I rearrange and reassemble and toss out and bring in until each week is something new. It keeps boredom at bay, keeps me engaged, keeps me interested.

That being said, sometimes routine is exactly what I need.

I have deadlines to make, due dates to remember, meetings to attend. I find that I can manage my grocery shopping and visits to the gym when I can cycle around the established order. Otherwise, with empty days ahead, I end up playing too many video games and ordering takeout more than I should. And, by the end of the week, I feel as though I have accomplished something. At the very least, I set a timeline for myself and then met those numbers.

Being able to make hair appointments is not exactly Facebook worthy. It is the smallest of victories, but it keeps me healthy. It keeps me happy. We need more victories like that. Sure, it’s amazing to graduate from college, get married, have children. Those are giant punctuations in the sentence of our lives. But, those things don’t happen every day. It order to keep from being bored, from running stagnant, it is necessary to take stock of the smaller awards that we silently win. Cleaning the bathroom from top to bottom. Watching all eight seasons of Supernatural in less than a month. Going for a run (or just any exercise, period). These are things worth celebrating.

I’ve already scheduled cake for tonight.


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