Introducing Our Newest Minus The Box Volunteer Blogger –

A warm welcome to the newest Minus The Box volunteer blogger will be sharing her insights on a variety of topics and we look forward to her contributions.

Leader of her own movement & a true Gemini, is a quiet dreamer and observer, a lover of music and movies, an oblivious comedian, and a random adventure creator. In her spare time, she loves to bake, read, write, make smoothies, walk around the city, create vision boards, and decorate her Brooklyn, NY apartment. sees beauty in imperfections, differences, and intense emotions. She is a lover of life, love, quiet moments, truth, and women. She also works to remain true to herself while embracing the challenges she is met with.

In a perfect world, would be a traveling life coach, LGBT advocate, bakery café owner, freelance writer, movie producer, and interior designer. Currently, she is fighting off the fear demons and getting her feet wet in the world of film production & writing– working on a webseries, a movie, and an independent short. Her celebrity crush is Kendrick Lamar and in a REALLY perfect world, she’d take him out for ice cream (random fun fact). is originally from DC.


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