Wanderlust Wednesday: Marseilles, France

Recently gaining the title of a European Capital of Culture for 2013, Marseilles is a historic city known for its cultural diversity. It is France’s second most populated city (after Paris) with a population over a million. One of the largest cities on the Mediterranean and known as a popular commercial port, Marseilles enjoys comfortable year around weather.

With influences from Croatia, Armenia, Turkey, North Africa, the Comoro Islands, China, and Vietnam, Marseilles is a wonderful mix of cultures and influences.

Marseilles most popular dish is the bouillabaisse, a fresh fish stew with vegetables. Here is a great recipe for a quick bouillabaisse.

The Basilique Notre Dame, Marseille
At a café
Prado Beach, Marseille
A wedding
Bouches-du-Rhone, Marseille
In the market










2 thoughts on “Wanderlust Wednesday: Marseilles, France

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