In Seven Days by K. Kenneth Edusei

In Seven Days

In seven days, my life will change,

Seven interesting moves, until it’s all rearranged,

Minutes are hours, a decade a day,

Ordinal infinity, reordered on the eighth day

Last week I lived in pain, tortuous was my place

My empathies with those whom must endure day eight

As I recount my exploits,

I’ve been strong, the one whom they obey,

Yet, I have been arranged as the weak, powerless over life’s sway,

I’ve stood at the peak, the of mountain cliffs

The frigid serenity has been one of my favorite gifts,

Once ordered to the slums, I understand their pain,

Chaos creates sorrow, yet the hidden genius a gem,

In seven days, I understand dichotomy; left and right,

Up and down, heaven and hell, black and white,

I understand space and movement, technical knowledge absurd,

However order has too high a learning curve,

I resign myself the ordered experience I’m randomly assigned,

Knowing in seven days, I am at the end and beginning of my time


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