Wanderlust Wednesday: Jamaica

Welcome to Wanderlust Wednesday! Today we turn our attentions to the Caribbean island of Jamaica.

With 2.8 million people on this island of 10,990 square kilometers, Jamaica is the third most populated English-speaking country in the Americas. Originally colonized by the Spanish, the formally named Santiago was taken over by Great Britain in 1655. Jamaica gained its independence from Great Britain on August 6, 1962.

Home to various popular music genres including reggae, ska, mento, rocksteady, and dub, Jamaica possess a rich cultural heritage. Reggae, probably the most popular genre of music from Jamaica, its popularity has traversed the boundaries of the island and become an international sensation. For this Wanderlust Wednesday we enjoy the international appeal of reggae and the beautiful scenery of Jamaica.

Snorkeling in Long Bay
Bamboo Avenue
Blue Mountains
Progress for LGBT Rights in Jamaica – Jamaica’s First Lesbian Wedding
Dunn’s River Falls
Sandbar Bar
Ocho Rios
Pawpaw Trees








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