Travels at the Music Store by Carike Claassen

I’ve been thinking about where my love of travel started, and it’s impossible to pinpoint. It seems to me that the yen to experience other places and other cultures has just always been there, part of me. That, ultimately, is what travel represents to me: the opportunity to hear a different story to the one I live daily, to connect with fellow human beings.

So, in my heart (and in my dreams) I am a professional globe trotter, collecting stories and impressions as I go – and I have been fortunate enough to have travelled quite a bit (though never enough). In reality, though, my bank account often puts a damper on my very long bucket list of places-to-see-before-I-die.

That’s where the music store comes in. Music provides a glimpse into the soul of different cultures, and my trips to the music store have become a thrilling substitute for trips to the airport. Browsing the World Music section is a mini-adventure in itself: the strange band names, the colourful CD covers, the far-flung locations I’d never be able to point out on a map. The anticipation of discovering a sound; a story that will speak to me – even if I don’t understand the language it’s being told in.

I like to randomly select whichever CD jumps out at me. Pay for it and make a mad dash home, where I eagerly pop the CD into the player, sit back and…discover. Be surprised by sounds that are totally new to me.

So in that spirit of surprise and discovery, I’d like to take you on a trip with me. I want to invite you to discover a little something of my home country, South Africa. This music video is by a local artist named Toya Delazy, whom I love. She’s vibrant and colourful, much like her music, and much like home. I hope you enjoy it.


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