Wanderlust Wednesday: Brazil

The home of the upcoming World Cup and Olympics, Brazil has been undergoing many changes rapidly in preparation for these major international events. In reaction, the people of Brazil have been rioting over the government’s use of public funds to build stadiums and prepare for the large scale events rather than using the funds to improve the infrastructures of health, transpiration, and education. However, in this post we will look past the current turmoil and focus on Brazil’s every lasting beauty.

A host of cultural influences come together to create the wonderful diversity that is Brazil. Combining African, Indigenous, and Portuguese, this former slave colony has developed a culture uniquely its own.

The largest country in Latin America, Brazil has miles of famous beaches to its east and is boarded by several countries including Bolivia, Peru, and Venezuela to its north, west, and south.

Below is a selection of music and photography that highlights the diversity of Brazil


“Christ the Redeemer,” Rio de Janeiro
Sugarloaf Mountain
Iguazu Falls
Carnaval Revelers, Rio de Janeiro




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