Introducing K. Kenneth Edusei – The Newest Minus The Box Volunteer Blogger!

An awesome welcome to K. Kenneth Edusei, the newest addition to Minus The Box. Kenneth will be sharing his viewpoints on a variety of topics including the economy, ethics, and education. Looking forward to his contributions.

New York native K. Kenneth Edusei is a newcomer to the blogging world. When he’s not dabbling in philosophical expression through the pen, he enjoys analyzing the video game industry, attempting to become a vegan chef, and bashing the glut of bad movies (and video games) that exists. He’s a Scorpio, an INTJ, and he enjoys writing while listening 90’s tv themes. His favorite things are Sunday mornings and starry nights.

Update: New Bio

K. Kenneth Edusei is a graduate student at CUNY majoring in Sociology. He received his undergraduate in Business Management with a concentration in finance. He also holds a degree in Philosophy Honors. Kenneth has always enjoyed expressing himself through the pen, err, keyboard. He’s an avid movie critic and his favorite past-time is video games. He has recently developed an idea for a book and will begin drafting later this year.


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