Thankful Thursday: Go Cheerios!!!

So as you may have heard, there is a new awesome Cheerios ad that has been getting some really negative feedback. Well forget the haters and embrace the love. This week let us be grateful for Cheerios for having the courage and the wisdom to acknowledge the glorious diversity that makes up America; a country of many shapes, sizes, and colors.

In the video a bi-racial (side note: there is only one Human race so the term should really be bi-ehtnic) child asks her white mother if Cheerios is good for your heart. Her mother responds yes. The ad then cuts to the child’s black father who awakens with Cheerios having been poured all over his chest/heart.

Such an innocent and cute video, what could be wrong with that? What would drive so many people to spread hate and hurtful comments? In response to the negative backlash Charles Malik Whitfield, the actor who plays the father stated, “Let’s not pretend racism doesn’t exist. Let’s not pretend that we’ve come so far. Let’s be conscious of and appreciate the noise, and the negativity, because there’s so much work to be done.” (Source:

This ad is beautiful, so let us be grateful for that beauty and that diversity.


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