Universal Conspiracies and the Phenomena of Bad Days by Ren Martinez

It’s been that kind of day today. I botched a job interview, left my wallet at home, nearly ran out of gas, locked myself out of my car at the gas station, and spilled coffee all over my new dress. It’s the kind of day that makes me want to crawl into bed, roll myself into a blanket burrito, and refuse to unearth myself until tomorrow rolls around.

Most of us don’t have that option, though. We are burdened with responsibilities, whether it’s our education, our job, our children, or a combination of many. As much as we’d like to hibernate until the string of bad luck has passed, we can’t. We have to face the rest of the day, coffee-stained dress and all.

But, the things about bad days? They are only as bad as you make them. Perspective is everything. When I pulled on my door handle, watching my keys swing in the ignition, I thought, “Hey, I at least made it to the gas station. Crisis averted.” When I crawled through my trunk, sprawling awkwardly all over my back seat, and flipped my lock open, the feeling of satisfaction that followed was unparalleled. Because, when you manage to succeed in the face of everything, it becomes clear that failure isn’t a state of being. It’s a temporary lapse. A glitch in the programming.

These sort of these things happen. They are beyond our control. But, what’s in our control is knowing that the universe is only conspiring against you if you let it. Sometimes, a locked door is just a locked door. And, locked doors are surpassed simply by unlocking them.

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